Crispy Rice Sushi Recipe – Learn in Minute

Crispy Rice Sushi Recipe – Learn in Minute

Being a traditional Japanese cuisine, sushi is an extremely popular dish in Japan and almost every country around the world. The popularity is mainly about the hassle-free preparation of sushi, which doesn’t need any particular cooking style, yet it tastes delicious in every bite.

Among various preparations of sushi, the crispy rice sushi is a popular one as the crispness of the rice provides a balanced taste with the soft fish slices. We have discussed an easy-to-learn recipe of crispy rice sushi in this article so that you can make this flavorful dish in your kitchen in just a few minutes. 

What Is Crisp Rice Sushi?

If you are familiar with the regular sushi preparation, you will know that steamed rice is wrapped around fish slices with seaweed and some seasoning in this process. While in crispy rice sushi, the rice is fried molded into the size you want.

The rice is kept in the pan until it crisps a bit and takes a beautiful golden-brown color. You can add any toppings you like that go well with the crispness of the rice.

Once you have tried crispy rice sushi, I can assure you that there will be no turning back for you because the crispness of rice and softness of the fish makes a really nice combination to give your taste buds a flavorful punch.

Making Crisp Rice Sushi

You might have searched on the internet and got a huge list of different sushi recipes. But it is really confusing to find the most efficient one which will be done in minutes without compromising the taste. Here is a complete guideline about making crispy rice sushi with some easy-to-find ingredients.

1.         Preparing the rice

We will need some ingredients, and by following the easy steps stated below, we can prepare the rice before putting in the fish and other toppings.

Necessary Ingredients

•             Water

•             Sushi rice

•             Vinegar

•             Sugar

•             Salt

•             Soy sauce

•             Oil


Rice is the main star of crispy rice sushi because it makes it different from the regular ones. Here is a step-by-step procedure for preparing rice for sushi.

•              Step 1 – Before Cooking Preparations

Sushi rice is a type of sticky rice that combines well while molding. But you can always use other types of rice available around you.

Before cooking, soak the rice for some time to reduce the time of cooking. Now, wash well until the water runs clear and rinse off.

•              Step 2 – Boiling Rice

Boil the rice using water and a pinch of salt. The ratio of rice and water should be 2:3. Boil for around 20 minutes and cover the pot turning the heat off. After keeping for another 10 minutes, the water will be absorbed, and your rice is ready for further processing.

•              Step 3 – Mixing with the Ingredients

Take a bowl and mix vinegar, salt, oil, and sugar. Put the mixture in a pan, and heat it up until the sugar dissolves, and you will notice a stickiness in the mixture.

Now add the rice with the mixture and stir well so that the rice mixes evenly with the ingredients. Turn off the heat and let it cool for several minutes.

•              Step 4 – Shaping and Frying the Rice

Spread the rice on the pan according to your desired thickness of the crisp rice. Cut into bite-size pieces and fry them well until it takes a golden-brown color.

If you prefer your sushi to be full crisp, make the rice pieces thinner and deep fry them. For making the rice crisp outside and soft inside, cut them into thicker pieces and fry them with a little oil in the pan.

2.         Fish Preparation

You need to prepare and slice fish for sushi in a delicate way to maintain the texture of the dish. Choosing the fish is not a tough job because you can use any fish that is safe to eat raw or in a semi-cooked way. Tuna, Salmon, Mackerel, and Hamachi are mostly used while making sushi.

Generally, thin slices of fish are used in sushi because they are more preferable to eat. ¼ inches is the standard thickness of fish slices.

After cutting the fish, keep it chilling before assembling the crisp rice. You can drizzle some lemon juice and soy sauce over the fish slices and keep them aside for several minutes to absorb those.

Crispy Rice Sushi Recipe – Learn in Minute

Serving Recommendations

Sushi can be served with different seasonings, dips, and drinks that enhance the regular flavor. Some serving recommendations are stated below.

1.         Mayo or Sauce

A flavorful sauce or mixed mayo can add a punch to your crispy rice sushi. If you like your sushi to be spicy, mix mayo, mustard paste, chili sauce, and add some drops of lemon juice to make a spicy mayo.

If you want to add a sweet yet tangy flavor to the sushi, make your sauce by mixing soy sauce, sugar, tomato paste, vinegar, and sesame oil.

Whether spicy mayo or sweet sauce, spread the mixture over the fish slice before serving, and enjoy the crispy rice sushi with your own customized flavor. Instead of spreading over, you can also use this sauce and mayo as a dip.

2.         Seasoning

Different ingredients like varieties of microgreens, flavored oil, and seeds are a great combination to season the sushi.

Generally, sesame seeds, extra virgin olive oil, and dried herbs are used for seasoning. You can also consider using pepper and oregano as garnishes. Sprinkle these on your sushi before serving and experience unique flavors of different seasonings.

Other options

You may also use imitation crab or sushi/sashimi grade salmon to prepare this dish!

You can also make it vegetarian or vegan by omitting the fish and topping it with avocado and cucumber instead. Another alternative is to substitute tofu or mushrooms for the umami flavor.

How long can you store it

You can’t keep it for much longer. However it can be stored up to 2days in the fridge.

Final Words

Crispy rice sushi is a wholesome appetizer of crisp yet soft texture that you can also have as a main dish. By following the easy instructions discussed in this article, you can prepare a delicious sushi dish all by yourself in just a few minutes. Hope this article helps!

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